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by Judy Richardson | Published August 15, 2021

First Kiss

By Dr. Judy  2003

Standing on the brink of a cliff, high above a restless sea the lovers joined hands.   Silhouetted against the blazing orange of a setting sun their youthful profiles were barely a blush apart.   Her face

Movies verses Books

by Judy Richardson | Published August 9, 2021

Books verses Movies-My Latest Rant

While some big box bookstores and Amazon still are selling books. There are more and more choices for entertainment today. Like the huge aisle of breakfast food choices at the grocery store

On Behalf of All Seniors-My Plastic Rant with Apologies to Lewis Black

by Judy Richardson | Published July 6, 2021

Our fingers are not as agile, and our strength is not so hot.  But as time passes there no stopping this process of wrapping absolutely everything in PLASTIC. Not only that, those cute little, theft- free packages

When I “Retire”

by Judy Richardson | Published March 23, 2021

Some of my readers out there may be making this prediction with the best of intentions. I have to admit I don’t remember ever making such plans. And as my life has been a perfect reflection