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I Read It In a Book

by Judy Richardson | Published April 24, 2022

Chuck Wendel and I often got in heated discussions about a variety of things. Often, we would argue about whether or not a word he used was actually in the dictionary. One of our biggest brouhahas

Valentine Memories

by Judy Richardson | Published February 8, 2022

Though some might have a problem believing it, my husband, Chuck Wendel was a very

romantic guy. When we were courting, he called me every morning from Amana at 6:30 am and we had coffee together. I

Renaissance Man

by Judy Richardson | Published September 10, 2021

Renaissance Man

Not long ago when talking to a friend about our years together, my friend commented that Chuck was a Renaissance Man. I am not really sure about the about that label, but it is true

Old Thresher Reunion Memories

by Judy Richardson | Published September 3, 2021

Old Threshers Reunion 2021

The very first look at farming in Iowa began with a visit to The Old Threshers Reunion in 2012.  While later I made several visits to the Wendel family farm near Atkins, my first