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Time Consuming Productions

by Judy Richardson | Published August 5, 2021

Time Consuming Productions

My love of printing will never fade. Spending so many happy hours with my spouse, Chuck Wendel, in our letter press shop compels me to try  to find ways to keep being creative with letters

My Love Affair With Letter Press

by Judy Richardson | Published July 29, 2021

My Love Affair with Letter Press and Chuck Wendel

Chuck has been gone for nearly two years and as time passes it becomes easier to recall and write about our time together. As I try to write

For Letter Press Lovers

by Judy Richardson | Published May 26, 2021

For Letter Press Lovers

During the eight years I was married C.H. Wendel, he and Jim Daggs managed to guide me through the Printer’s Apprenticeship for Letter Press to the point that I was able to operate