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Dr. Judy

If You Can’t Say Something Nice..

Recently, I was with many older seniors and heard a fellow say he just couldn’t wait to be 80 so he could say anything he wanted to.  Well actually he said something about no longer having any filters. Whatever that means.

While I always respect my elders, as I get older there are fewer and fewer of them around. Still I need to remind myself and others it is a mistake to believe that because they are old they can say anything they feel like saying. To this I respond with a heartfelt NO. No matter what your age you have no right to treat others in a hurtful or abusive manner. Critical or mean remarks are not your right just because you are old.  

Being old is not a license to make  hurtful or nasty comments to family members or friends. Old age does not give you the right to be mean. 

Forever the advocate of the Golden Rule, I try to always treat others the way I want to be treated. Gossip and demeaning words hurt. But to love, to care, to be tolerant, to be kind are the rights of everyone at any age.

So to quote an old reminder from my mother,” If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.”