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Valentine Musings

by Judy Richardson | Published February 13, 2022

 Valentine Musings

“…a man should keep his little brain attic stacked with all the furniture he is likely to use, and the rest in the lumber room of his library where he can get it when he wants it” Sherlock Holmes.

                   The Five Orange Pips, Arthur Conan Doyle.

Some how this quote makes me think of Valentines Days long past that have been stored in the lumber” room of my brain. Valentines Day has morphed into a commercial fantasy land based on the ingenuity of retail marketers to brainwash the unattached males and females into thinking that if they have no current Valentine, they should feel unwanted and unloved. To quote another favorite of mine, Groucho Marks, “Horse feathers.”

How easy it is to get lured into these negative doubts and fears. How foolish to equate love with lust and forget the many other kinds of love that can fill our lives with meaning and joy. There is the unconditional love of parents for their children, the lasting love of couples growing old together as they raise their family and care for each other even when health and family tragedy make the going hard.  I believe it is true that one has a soul mate. If you are lucky enough to make that truly lifelong connection even for a short time, you are blessed. I know my mother and father had it. I am firmly convinced that I did too, though it came as great cost and only lasted for a short time.  There were  is no always.. and  yes, death do us part.

So I keep the “furniture” of all the wonderful Valentines I have received and enjoy the big bunch of roses my son sent me for that day.

May your day be fill with love. The best kind.

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