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Kitchen Table 2021

by Judy Richardson | Published June 16, 2021

At The Kitchen Table Again

The years have passed, so quick they  fly.

Some I loved have said goodbye..

Alone I sit;  no longer cry 

Because of my sweet memories.

If  poem or random thought descends,

I use my time to now attend

The call of my audacious muse

Back at my kitchen table..

Everyday Glitches.

Surely you know just what I mean.

There’s that dish you forgot to clean.

 You came to open the fridge’s door

What on earth was I looking  for?

And why aren’t my keys in their assigned place?

Did my phone escape to outer space?

So you write a list  to  help keep track.

What happens when you can’t find that?

We all have voiced this plaintive claim

Sorry I don’t recall you’re a name.

Who was that Sam Elliot anyway.?

Or who forgot to bring the mustard?

Maybe it takes a minute or three

For the light to come one.

And then we see, Oh yeah

That’s what I meant to say.,

We have these brain farts, or memory ditches

I prefer to just call them  a temporary glitches. 

Just give sagging jeans a hitch 

And just keep on trucking.

(Where on earth did put my belt?)

June, 2021

Living  Alone, But not Exactly

Living alone was not my choice. 

I long for the sound of my loved one’s voice.

The joy of sharing our thoughts and chores.

Watching the birds from our own back door. 

So many ways to love and share.

Oh how I wish I could still be there.

You need a dog, my family said.

Someone to cuddle and share your bed.

To make you laugh when you feel blue.

Trust us, a dog is right for you,

Along came Lucy! 

On those first long and lonely nights

She seemed to sense things were not right.

The comfort of her furry self.

Helped  ease the hurt when it was felt.

The needed to be needed was what I lacked.

A growing puppy fulfilled just that.

Later a kitty joined our crew. 

They play together and trouble brew.

So when the blues on me descend,

All I need is my furry friends

To remind me that I am needed and loved.

And so I thank the stars above…

I am no longer alone.

If you decide to get a pet

There is something you must not forget.

You must walk the pooch and scoop up stuff.

Take trips to the vets and have food enough.

Like raising your children,

They need your care.

They need to know that you are there.

And they are not alone.

June 2021

A cat lying on a blanket

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