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For Letter Press Lovers

by Judy Richardson | Published May 26, 2021

For Letter Press Lovers

During the eight years I was married C.H. Wendel, he and Jim Daggs managed to guide me through the Printer’s Apprenticeship for Letter Press to the point that I was able to operate a Heidelberg Press,  an awesome Vandercook proof press and master some of the art of type setting with the Ludlow and numerous antique foundry type Chuck had accumulated over the 25 or so years he had been collecting Letter Press equipment.  

I even managed to set corrections on the Carroll Coleman biography which Chuck had already set on the Linotype so we could print it. While I did not enjoy the monster machine because of its tendency to malfunction, it persevered with the help of folks like Jim Daggs and David Seat to use it occasionally.  While Chuck was totally disabled and could not do the actual physical labor, under his guidance the Prairie Press produced some nice work.

I have added this category to my website because my love affair with printing and Letter Press in particular. In this category I intend to post some pictures and video of the work we did in our shop for friends and the Amalgamated Printers Association over the years. While the shop was closed and all of Chuck’s foundry, Ludlow and wood type was dispersed I have samples of some of his work and our work I want to share. I hope to encourage young printers to keep these skills alive. And would remind them, that if this lady in her 70’s can do it so can you.

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