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Dr. Judy

Between the Pages

by Judy Richardson | Published May 24, 2021

Between the Pages 

In our haste to “get on with it” We turn two pages at a time. 

If they’re tightly stuck together and we are really in a hurry.
We rush on-
Continuing the story 

Hardly realizing that something is missing. 

Maybe we get pages and pages ahead before things don’t make sense. 

Skipping pages this way is not the same as scanning ahead                              
To see what’s going to happen,
Or skimming a page 

To get to the “meat or the action”. 

Because sticking pages are so accidental,
If those stuck together are never discovered , you’ll never know
If you missed the vital or the trivial
Until it’s too late to go back.
Too much of the story may be over
For those missing pages to make sense. 

If they contained a beautiful thought, an unknown lover or special joy,
A warning of danger
You won’t know and may be the sadder Or even suffer for it. 

So turn the pages of the book of your life
Slowly and carefully
For when you get to the end
You really can’t go back to see what you’ve missed. 


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