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Just For Laugh:Life Alert 2.0

by Judy Richardson | Published April 22, 2021

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The “lifeline” saga continues.  If you read my first post in the category, you learned the story of my false alarm on my “fall protection” device. While at the time, as it is most often looking back on the antics of pets or kids, it was not funny, I think you may get a laugh from this the latest struggle with using this great technology to keep me “safe”.

As a background for the most recent fiasco I must introduce you to my kitty, Desiree, or Desi for short.  She and my puppy, Lucy, keep me on my toes. Desi can jump on top of any counter or piece of furniture in my apartment. So far, she has not tried the refrigerator, but I assume it is because there is nothing of interest up there.  He co-conspiracies with Lucy are numerous,

So picture this; it is one o’clock in the morning and the lifeline alarm goes off.  I dragged myself from bed, staggered to the blaring box and assured the dispatcher that I was okay. I gave him the password, and all was well.  It was obvious that the “box” had not malfunctioned. Both pets had fled under the couch at the sound of the alarm. 

Okay, I guessed it had to be Miss Desi. But trying to move the box in the middle of the night did not appeal. Besides, there was literally no place I could put it that she could not reach.  I really did not want to kennel her all night. So I went to the laundry room, picked up the big plastic bucket I had just bought for cleaning, put it over the “box” and went back to bed.

And that, dear readers, it where it sits now. Rather than try to move the box, I just left the bucket there. I don’t have many guests and if they do come, I can always put the bucket away. I have toyed with the thought of  just decorating it and leaving it there as a “conversation” starter. I don’t think Desi minds.

If you have a “pet” funny to share, please do.  Once all our children are up and grown, and grandchildren tucked away in safety until the pandemic ends, our pets are literally our only companions on a day -to- day basis.  After my husband, Chuck died, Lucy saved my sanity. It is just possible that Desi, may push me in another direction. No, she is just teaching me patience.

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