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by Judy Richardson | Published March 23, 2021

Remember reading that last page in Readers Digest with the jokes and funny stories? I think it was called Laughter is the Best Medicine. Life would be so dreary if we could not laugh with others and especially at ourselves. Sometimes when something happens it is not so funny but looking back you can find the humor and it somehow loses the sting you felt at the time.

There have been many moments like that in my life. I believe that if you can laugh at yourself, you will lead a much happier life.

This just happened to me a couple of days ago and I am still feeling guilty, but it really is a funny. My children insisted that I get one of those medical emergency services. You know you get this little doohickie to hang around your neck. If you push the button, they will come and rescue you if you fall etc. Sometimes I don’t even put it on except when I take a shower. I was wearing the button and getting ready to take my puppy to daycare. She goes once or twice a week to play and socialize. The kitty, I put in the kennel before we leave. When I picked up the cat, she pushed my button. Immediately the alarm went off and the emergency people talked to me. On the speaker set there is a CANCEL button. I said I am okay and pushed the button.

Leaving my apartment parking lot, I passed a fire truck. Wow, I thought. Wonder where the fire is. When I returned home, I found my apartment door unlocked, all the lights on and doors and closets open. Then I voice message came from one of my kids. “Mom, are you okay.? The service said you contacted them.” Oh no, the guys in the fire truck were looking for me.

What a disaster. I called the service and they told me I should not have pushed the cancel button; told the dispatcher I was okay and given him the password. Duh!!!!!!!!I In my defense I have only had the service a couple of weeks. Quickly, I let the rest of my family know I was okay.

My daughter commented, “Well, at least you know it works.

Riddled with guilt, I called the fire department on the non – emergency number and apologized.

The fellow I talked to, said no big deal, it happens more often than you think. Some cookies are heading their way on Monday.

Do I do stupid things? You bet. I have been screwing up all my life. As Mr. Rogers, said, “Everybody makes mistakes.” We can look back, laugh, forgive ourselves and move on.

Feel free to share this story of the silly old lady and her cat with anyone. You don’t need to mention my name though.


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  1. Diane Pinegar says:

    Your website is wonderful, and I love your story!