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Grab a cup of coffee and join me for a chat. We can get caught up on old times or share a favorite story or memory. Social media has descended upon us with a vengeance and the pandemic has ended our coffees together. Topics of interest we may have in common are being a parent or grandparent, teaching and schools, senior living, writing poetry, Amana, Iowa, C.H. Wendel and Letter Press printing.

Over the last almost 50 years as an educator, I taught at Weeks Junior High, was an administrator at Brody Junior High, Des Moines Technical High School., Central Campus and Adult Education. I taught for nearly 10 years for various colleges and universities including Drake, William Penn, and Des Moines Area Community College.

If you are a friend, colleague, classmate, letterpress printer or one of my thousands of students, I am sure we will have lots to chat about. I am retired from traditional teaching but still have lots to share and the urge to keep teaching and learning. I want to learn about you and what you have been doing since we last were together.

I have been doing quite a bit of creative writing and would like to share with you some of my poetry and future publications. I am working on the story of my life with Chuck Wendel and serving as his caretaker for most of our time together after his stroke. I have looked back at all those unfinished stories and creations of my past and am working on several you might like to see. Being alone now gives me time to learn more about new technology and use it to reach out to former students and friends.

I am glad we found each other again.

Parent Tips 2021 circle image


Parent Tips 2021

Parenting Tips Revisited.

In the 1980’s, when I was Director of Community and Adult Education for the Des Moines Public Schools and publisher of Iowa Parent and Family Magazine,  I did thirty second parenting tips for WHO Radio.

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Kitchen Table Poetry

Kitchen Table 2021

At The Kitchen Table Again

The years have passed, so quick they  fly.

Some I loved have said goodbye..

Alone I sit;  no longer cry 

Because of my sweet memories.

If  poem or random thought descends,

I use my time to now attend

The call of

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Teachers and Teaching

Why I Teach

Chapter One: I never planned to be a teacher.

A summary of my life story is well captured in this quote by John Lennon: Life is what happenswhen you are busy making other plans.

I was born in

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Coffee Chats

For Caregivers

When the One You Cared for Dies

Its has been nearly three years since my spouse. Chuck Wendel died. We had only a year of our 9-year marriage before his second stroke made him basically a quadriplegic.

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The Good Ole Days

Past Present Future.


It occurred to me today why I want to spend so much time revisiting the happy times of the past. It seems to me that now as I am approaching the age of 80, I would

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Just for Laughs

Just For Laugh:Life Alert 2.0

New Post:  Laughter the Best Medicine

The “lifeline” saga continues.  If you read my first post in the category, you learned the story of my false alarm on my “fall protection” device. While at the time, as it is

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Coming Publications

Amana Days

Amana Days

I have continued to think and rethink how to tell the story of my life with Chuck Wendel. He was a remarkable man, and though he became severely disabled less than a year after we

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Letter Press

Time Consuming Productions

Time Consuming Productions

My love of printing will never fade. Spending so many happy hours with my spouse, Chuck Wendel, in our letter press shop compels me to try  to find ways to keep being creative with letters

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C.H. Wendel

Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

Not long ago when talking to a friend about our years together, my friend commented that Chuck was a Renaissance Man. I am not really sure about the about that label, but it is true

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